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Case Studies

Case Studies

What we have achieved with our clients.

The best way to tell the story of VISION is to describe what we've achieved with our clients and how.

Along our journey we have been fortunate to work with companies such as IBM, Cemex, General Motors, Lloyds TSB, Citi, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), RSA, Telefonica, Warner Music and many others.

We pride ourselves on delivering major operational and financial benefits - fast. Here is a summary of some of our results.

We have assisted:

  • One of the UK's fastest growing utility companies to grow its customer base from 2.5m to 5m customers.
  • A major financial institution arrest a 9-year run of falling revenues to 30% growth in 12 months. 
  • One of the largest UK banks develop a mortgage service line that moved from under a 1% market share to a 10% share in 18 months. 
  • A major international mobile telecommunications company to realign its management and culture to meet  the challenges of rapid revenue growth and geographical expansion.
  • A leading North American cement manufacturer to transform into a global industry leader.  
  • One of the world's leading ATM manufacturing and servicing companies to  raise their Net Promoter Score from 6% to 66%.
  • A leading German engineering company to earn the highest profit margins in their industry.

At VISION we like to tell our stories so please contact us, and we will share with you how we have worked alongside our clients to achieve such transformational results.


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VISION: Chile: Casos de Estudio

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Atlas Travel Agency
Falabella Pro
Telefonica CTC Chile

Descripción de la compañía

La principal compañía de telecomunicaciones de Chile.

Pedido a VISION

Transformar la Logística en una de las fortalezas de la compañía para mejorar la atención a los clientes.

Logros y beneficios

  • Reducción de un orden de magnitud de los inventarios históricos de existencias.
  • Multiplicación por 4 de las tasas de eficiencia y reducción en más de 15 veces del tamaño de las bodegas necesarias.
  • Logística pasó a hacer promesas de entrega con la precisión de la hora, y con estándares de 12, 24 y 48 hrs. A los 8 meses de proyecto se cumplía en tiempo y forma las entregas en el 95% de los casos.

El Directorio evaluó que el proyecto generó nuevo valor económico sustancial para los accionistas de la empresa.

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